Vaccine Injury Litigation

Vaccine Injury Litigation - Media Release and Statement of Claim

Media Release

47-year-old Vaccine Injured Mother files $10.5 Million Lawsuit against the Government and the CBC for Misinformation and Negligence about COVID-19 Vaccines Empowered Canadians and The Institute for Freedom and Justice are supporting and raising funds for a new lawsuit filed by Plaintiff, Carrie Sakamoto, a mother of three, who suffered significant physical and psychological harms, including permanent Bell’s Palsy, because she thought she was doing “the right thing” by following the advice and information from the government and the CBC about the COVID-19 vaccines.

Amended Statement of Claim

Review the lawsuit against the government and the CBC for misinformation and negligence about COVID-19 vaccines. This lawsuit seeks to hold the government and media organizations to account on public health issues and will hopefully lead to more responsible governance as well as more accurate news coverage in the future.

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